User registration

Registering on InvestAmericas is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Select the correct User Group;
  2. Complete and submit the Pre-registration form;
  3. Once you receive an approval confirmation email, login and complete your profile to be visible to investors and other registered users on the platform.

Please review the following User Groups carefully to be sure you are classified correctly when pre-registering on the platform.

Which type of user are you?


Enterprises registered on InvestAmericas are businesses located in Latin America and the Caribbean that are seeking debt or equity financing from Investors on the platform.

Once an Enterprise has been invited to join, they must login and complete their profile to be visible to Investors and other Users on InvestAmericas. More detailed Enterprise profiles are more likely to be found by and gain the attention of Investors.

Enterprises can use InvestAmericas to:

  • Accessing new sources of financing
  • Present financing needs to local and international investors in one place, resulting in greater exposure and reduced costs;
  • Connect with InvestAmericas Service Providers that can help improve business productivity and profile appeal;
  • Seek debt or equity financing to grow your business.


Investors are those Users seeking investment opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Investors may be from any part of the world, including Latin America and the Caribbean. All investors must read and accept the terms of service, and comply with its provisions. Many types of Investors can join the platform, including impact investors, institutional investors, philanthropic foundations, and high net worth individuals.

In addition to discovering unique investment opportunities in the region, Investors can use InvestAmericas to:

  • Connect with other Investors to share due diligence costs and mitigate investment risk;
  • Find service providers to facilitate due diligence and other investment processes;
  • Manage due diligence with customizable tools and a dynamic messaging system to streamline communications;
  • Diversify portfolios while making a significant contribution to regional economic growth and competitiveness.


The Service Provider User Group consists of businesses specializing in investment services such as legal advisors, market researchers, financial analysts, auditors, translators, and others. By joining InvestAmericas, Service Providers can be found by Investors who request specific services to facilitate due diligence processes.

Service Providers can also connect with other Users to do business with and expand the reach of their services. Service Providers can provide capacity building services for Enterprises in order to improve their efficiency, drive revenue growth, and enhance the attractiveness of their profiles on InvestAmericas.

InvestAmerica's peer-driven ratings system allows Service Providers to build brand value and gain exposure in new markets. This interactive dynamic can generate confidence among potential new clients to help grow their customer base and increase profitability.


Support Organizations play a strategic role in the business community, helping their members seek financing, expand their networks, and increase their influence.

In InvestAmericas, a Support Organization is one that brings together companies, investors, and service providers to create opportunities for investment and economic development in the region. These may include chambers of commerce, industry associations, investment and trade promotion authorities, business accelerators, and professional networks, among others.

Support Organizations can bolster the impact of their activities by using InvestAmericas to:

  • Invite members to join, facilitating access to alternative sources of financing;
  • Enhance their reputation and influence;
  • Attract new members;
  • Drive business development and economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.